The Science and Tech behind Great Gums

The Challenge

Dental plaque is a sticky, colorless film of bacteria that forms on teeth, particularly along the gumline and in hard-to-reach areas. It can lead to a variety of oral health problems Tooth Decay (Cavities), Gum Disease (Gingivitis and Periodontitis), Bad Breath (Halitosis), Tartar (Calculus) Formation and Staining. Regular oral hygiene practices, such as brushing and flossing, are essential for removing plaque and maintaining good oral health. However, 3.5 billion people in the world have oral diseases meaning that we need a more effective method for removing plaque.

We have developed, patented and launched a new technology and developed a Bioelectric Toothbrush that emits bioelectric microcurrent waves that disrupt the structure of the plaque, causing it to break apart using a special combination of electrical forces - both AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) - at a tiny voltage of 0.7 V.

The Great Gums bioelectric toothbrush has been clinically tested at top universities on patients with dental Implants (Dental implant inflammation is primarily caused by plaque), Gingivitis, and Orthodontic brackets and it was shown to significantly reduce plaque in patients with all these conditions compared to brushing with traditional toothbrushes. In another study, the Bioelectric Toothbrush was shown to reduce the wear on the tooth enamel significantly.

Supporting Clinical Trials and Research Studies

We have done quite a bit of research and reflected a lot of feedback and product iteration on our latest Great Gums One and Great Gums Pro products.

We have sold over 200,000 brushes and painstakingly collected feedback and generated reviews.

We have had hundreds of patients go through our methodical clinical studies at the top dental & medical schools in Korea including Yonsei University and the University of Ulsan where the focus was most on orthodontic, gingivitis, and dental implant patients.  The results of studies have been published in prestigious scientific journals and recently summarized on the prestigious site

Recently,  we also began a US-based trial of 100 brushes to measure ‘10-day clean mouth feel’ and to answer the question ‘Did your dentist or dental hygienist notice the difference in my next checkup?’. 

Korea is also one of the world-class centers for dental innovation.  According to the Dental Tribune International, perhaps the world’s leading dental publication,  “Korean dental equipment is renowned for its exceptional quality, precision, and innovative technologies, making it a preferred choice for dental professionals worldwide."  

Great Gum Works

The clinical data speaks for itself

Great Gums reduces bleeding by up to 59%

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Great Gums reduces pocket depth by up to 75%

Gingival Index Studies

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Great Gums reduces plaque by up to 600%

Dental plaque removal efficiency of microcurrent-emitting toothbrushes in orthodontic patients: a randomized, double-blind, crossover clinical trial

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Great Gums reduces inflammation by up to 75%

Gingival Index Studies

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Brushing with a traditional manual (or non-electric) toothbrush reduces the wear on teeth (technically, the removal of dentin by abrasion) by up to 800%   compared to the electric toothbrush (Oral-B, rotational electric toothbrush)

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All of our detailed research findings are included below.

Download all our research findings here
Our cooperating research partners in Korea